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Party Wall Notices
& Awards

We offer a full service on Party Wall Surveying matters for building owners intending to carry out building work and for adjoining owners who have/have not received a notice informing them that their neighbour intends to undertake works that may affect their property.
Building Owners are usually responsible for all Surveyors fees.


These building works include:
  • Work on an existing wall or structure shared with another property

  • Building a free-standing wall up to or astride the boundary line

  • Excavating near a neighbouring building


We can act on behalf of the building owner OR

We can act on behalf of the adjoining owner OR

We can act on behalf of both


Our Services Include:


  • Serving Party Wall Notices on behalf of the building owner to all affected neighbours - to avoid the risk of legal action being taken against you for proceeding with work unlawfully


  • Responding to Party Wall Notices received – on behalf of the adjoining owners to avoid prejudicing your position


  • Undertaking Schedule of Condition Reports on the adjoining owner’s property prior to works commencing – to avoid potential dispute on completion of the works


  • Party Wall Awards – also known as agreements – this means that both owners are legally protected and in the event of an issue, damage or dispute there is an experienced Surveyor(s) already appointed to act impartially upon both owners’ behalf.

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